Blue carbon deploys emerging strategies in the context of country de-carbonization using only methodologies that focus on compliance markets. We are committed to help businesses and government utilities to define their sustainable frameworks to help transit to a low carbon economy and reach their Net Zero goals in compliance with the transferability of credits under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

We help to accelerate sustainable development through transformation strategic investments and through our bilateral relationships we foster environmental economic development and advances sustainability. Our vast industry experience allows us to benchmark data and drive economic opportunities and growth for our stakeholders.


We accelerate global transition to a de-carbonised economy using bilateral agreements to help governments and our clients design and implement carbon abatement strategies in compliance with the Paris Agreement, leveraging the ambition of the UAE and its founders.

Our aggregated experience in compiling GHG inventories, MRVs, NDCs and Carbon Abatement strategies across GCC countries and large State Owned Entities since 2009 is a pivotal statement of our track record. Climate Change is happening. We act as investments vehicle that identifies gaps, realizes opportunities and develops net-zero strategies to build a climate resilient economy.

Our heritage allows us to forecast future demands. Hence we invest in green and blue carbon projects today, in compliance with tomorrow’s demand.


Become a globally recognised enabler of Blue and Green economy operational frameworks that set the agenda towards implementation of international climate agreements.